Ramon Paradoa
Co-founder, Writer, Director, Producer
Instagram: @ramonparadoa
Twitter: @ramonparadoa
Lover of John Carpenter and all things macabre, Ramon dabbles in directorial work in theatre, themed entertainment, and film. With a strong passion for the worlds of horror and sci-fi, he hopes to make his mark in each respective genre while also exploring the possibilities in others. Fostering a collaborative environment is the most important element to Ramon's creative process, where he focuses on teamwork in bringing his wacky ideas to life.
photo by Howard Cypress
Luis Ramos
Co-founder, Writer, Director, Cinematographer
Instagram: @byluisramos
Twitter: @byluisramos
Ever since he was a young boy, Luis has always been fascinated by the art
of storytelling and world building. Obsessed with the process of moviemaking, video game design, writing, all of it. That eventually led to him writing, acting, and shooting independent films, just scratching the surface of what is yet to come.
photo by Howard Cypress
kellie 6.jpg
photo by Howard Cypress
Kellie Sahagian
Makeup and Special FX Artist
Instagram: @hausofkellie
Twitter: @haus_of_kell
Kellie Sahagian is a freelance makeup and special FX artist with a devout passion for both the glam and the gore. Taking inspiration from Tom Savini, Greg Nicotero, and other pioneers in her industry, she hopes to continue expanding the scope of her art while staying true to her originality. Kellie
led a team of 5 makeup artists in bringing the ghoulish creatures seen in "HUMANS!" to life.
Ethan Robertson
Writer, Director, Grip, Sound Design
Instagram: @_souless_
Ethan Robertson is an actor, filmmaker, and themed entertainment manager
based in Orlando, Florida. While working towards his Entertainment 
Management degree at the University of Central Florida, Ethan also began 
developing his filmmaking career through collaborative projects with the
Violent Hiccups team. He worked as both the 1st AD and the horrifying
antagonist in his first Violent Hiccups short film, Low Light (2019). This led 
him to also work as the 1st AD for the team's most recent short, HUMANS!.
photo by Howard Cypress
Howard Cypress
Freelance Photographer and Production Assistant
Instagram: @rowbotmonster
Whether its hauling equipment to and from set, recording on-location audio, or capturing behind-the-scenes magic, Howard can get it done.
With a vintage style and a hell of an eye, Howard shoots in both 120 and 35mm film.
photo by Howard Cypress